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Young Liberals National Convention

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MEDIA RELEASE WARWICK SMITH M.P. Shadow Minister for Communications

12 January 1992

Young Liberals National Convention

The incoming federal patron of the Young Liberals, Mr Warwick Smith MP, in his address to the Young Liberals National Convention in Melbourne this weekend chose as his theme the link between mass communications and mass revolt against oppression such as we have recently witnessed in Eastern Europe.

"Mass revolt against the tyranny of oppression is the most significant political movement in the latter part of the twentieth century. What has made its success possible is the all pervasive influence of mass communications which transcend national borders and permit the flow of ideas to all but the most isolated communities."

Mr Smith said that the function of government is to serve individuals, not to dictate to them. The liberal ideal of individual responsibility contrasts sharply with Labor's desire to concentrate power in government hands, to centralise economic decision-making and to limit personal freedoms.

Mr Smith described the Political Broadcasts and Disclosures Act as "despicable” and "designed to suppress criticism of those in Government and reduce the major political parties to the same common denominator."

"The choice is clear.

We want a government that not only recognises we must compete on an international scale but can deliver that promise,

We want a government that will facilitate increased material standards of living - not one bound by an outdated perception of what a market economy can deliver.

We want a government that recognises the importance of individual effort and individual responsibility in the achievement of a bigger economic pie.

We want a government that responds to a new generation of individuals that wants less regulation and intervention - not one that is bound by special interest groups.

We want a government that serves the individual, not the state,

We want a change for the better. Our task is to ensure Australian receives that change."

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