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SBS and Terrorist Attack

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MEDIA RELEASE i S S ? WARWICK SMITH M.P. Shadow Minister for Communications

7 April 1992


Mr Warwick Smith, Federal Shadow Minister for Communications, today said that he was appalled to hear and read of the SBS filming of the terrorist attack on the Iranian Embassy in Canberra.

"The attack was outrageous and the filming and its circumstances are sufficient to warrant a full and immediate inquiry into why the SBS had a film crew acting the way it did.

"The questions are: what prior notice was given to SBS? Do they have an obligation as citizens of this country to advise police immediately?

"It was amazing that the SBS crew was in fact inside the Embassy filming well in advance of police arrival.

"Further, a basic question for any citizen and news reporter in such a situation is the value of intervention to attempt to stop such blatant brutality, or to simply film it.

"SBS must evaluate to what degree it allowed itself to be used for the promotion of community division by its seeking of the 'exclusive' film footage.

"In my view, it is an abrogation of community responsibility to have acted in filming this blatant, vicious assault, if no action was taken to stop it.

" To have done nothing to prevent the incident and its consequences merely assists the perpetrators in their terrorist designs and I call on the Government to seek a full explanation for the actions of SBS in this matter."

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