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Concerns for new national air traffic system

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David J«ill9 1*1.·». S h a d o w M in ister for T ou rism & A viation news item 5th March 1991


The complete revamp of existing Australian air traffic control systems and procedures announced yesterday by the CAA is long overdue but there are some concerns regarding the new system, according to Federal MP, David lull.

M r lull, the Coalition's Tourism and Aviation spokesman, said that in its efforts to become more responsive to the needs of the aviation industry in Australia and to improve cost effective delivery of CAA services, the authority is now proposing a completely new system of air traffic control involving only two national centres, one in Brisbane and the other in Melbourne.

"I understand that the new system will bring Australian air space management into line with international standards and this is to be welcomed.

"However, the pace of these changes are likely to cause some real concerns with part of the aviation industry - particularly private aircraft owners and operators and smaller charter operators.

M r lull said that the CAA review was occurring at a time of significant other changes in the aviation industry and major changes to the operation and ownership of Australian airports.


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I have written to the Chief Executive of the CAA, M r Frank Baldwin, seeking further information on what the actual affect will be on the various categories of aircraft owners and operators and I will be seeking information on the planned cancellation of the radar replacement programme for Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

It is vital that those in the industry are kept fully abreast and the CAA have been doing a reasonably good job of this, however I have already been approached by a number of organisations in the industry voicing their concerns over the proposed changes.

It is important that all of the ramifications be fully explained to the satisfaction of all concerned,


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