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Jull slams Goss over GST

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Media Release

------------ David Jull, Shadow Minister for Tourism & Aviation

Issued 18-7-91


Premier Goes is totally inaccurate in his claims about the impact of a Goods and Services Tax on the Queensland Tourist Industry.

He is either ignorant of the facts, or has joined the Prime Minister in a campaign of lies and scare-mongering against the Tax Reform Package.

Mr Goss has failed to recognise that under the Tax Reform Package, all existing Wholesale Sales Taxes will be abolished and continues to assert that a 15% GST will be applied on top of present prices.

In fact many prices will drop. Mr Goss also fails to admit that tourists a re already paying a consuiupLiuit tax at outlandish rates.

Why is he not truthful and call for the abolition of the 30% sales tax on film and other photographic materials, or the 20% tax on soap in hotels and motels, or the 20% sales tax on toilet paper, disinfectants, cleaning agents, or the 20% on washing machines used by hotels to launder bed linen or the

20% sales tax on Tourist maps. The list is endless.

Is Mr Goss so stupid not to realise there is a 20% sales tax on motor vehicles, fuels and oils, spare parts and even suntan lotion.

Does he really believe that there is not a 20% sales tax on beer and wine.

Why Mr Goss, do you continue to support 30% sales tax on caravans?

Mr Goss also fails to acknowledge that as part of the Tax Reform Package, GST paid on all business inputs will be rebated.

The savings in operating costs to tourist operators will be enormous.

Of course, the real crunch will come in the major reductions planned for personal income tax rates will provide more people to have more money in their pockets, to actually go on

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The fact that the black economy will be tackled and

unnecessary Government expenditure stopped will ensure that there will be real benefits for low and middle Income

earners - and as only 42% of Australians now take an annual holiday, the increased opportunities afforded ordinary Australians to travel will be a major boost to the industry.

More than 90% of the tourist industry is made up of small businessmen who will benefit from the abolition of the Capital Gains Tax and the substitution of the Speculative Gains Tax.

The new tax regime under the Coalition will be fair,

equitable, simple and will provide a better system for tourist operators with great benefits to flow on to both domestic and international tourists.

If Mr Goss is concerned at the future of Queensland Tourism, perhaps he would be better of cleaning up the mess at the Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation, putting pressure on his Federal Colleagues to clean up the disaster surrounding

the international Air Terminal in Brisbane, and forcing his Federal ALP colleagues to open up international aviation services so that Queensland can get some real international tourism flows into the State.

Mr Goss is quite stupid to continue his whining and whinging about the GST - the benefits of the Tax Reform Programme to all Australians and the tourist industry will be immense.

For further information contact David Jull 07 343 8666 or a/h 07 343 7581.