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Avgas excise cuts fully funded in "fightback" programme

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Issued 28-11-91

Avuas Excise Cuts Fully Funded in "Fiqhtback" Programme

Labor is clutching at straws in its efforts to discredit the

Coalition's "Fightback" programme according to David Jull, Shadow Minister for Tourism and Aviation.

David Jull said that attempts to scare the general aviation

industry into believing they would be slugged with extra charges to compensate for cuts in excise on Avgas were nothing more than empty rh e t o r i c .

"Our cuts in avgas excise are already fully funded in the tax

reform package. There is simply no need for additional charges to cover this change.

"Business will benefit from the abolition of excise on avgas

despite Labor's misleading statements. Fuel costs will be

reduced by 27 cents per litre."

"This will be of immense benefit to charter operators, crop

dust e r s , primary producers relying on light aircraft and other business users.

"At the same time final consumers of avgas will see the cost of

fuel fall by 19 cents a litre. -

For the Labor Party to suggest our proposals are not full funded is nothing more than blatant scaremongering. Our critics simply have to take the time to read the "Fightback" documents.

"The Coalition realises the tremendous contribution made by General Aviation to the development of Australia - and the

enormous cost pressures they have been placed under by the

present ALP Government.

"If the present Labor administration continues its disastrous pol i c i e s , general aviation may almost become extinct in

Australia," Mr Jull said.

"We have recognised the importance of general aviation - this package could well be its salvation."

For further information contact David Jull (06) 277 4631.