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PM forgets Northern Australia in export push

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The potential of Northern Australia to contribute to an export revival was ignored by the Prime Minister, Mr Bob Hawke, in his long-awaited Industry Statement today.

The Shadow Minister for Regional Development, External

Territories and Northern Australia, Senator Grant Tambling, criticised Mr Hawke and the Federal Labor Government for failing to recognise the importance of industry and transport in the north.

"Sales tax changes ignore the road transport industry and as a result ignore the detrimental impact this tax has on the finances of people and businesses in northern and regional Australia.

"Northern Australia plays a leading role in the export of beef, sugar, minerals and a range of other products from this country. It is also at the forefront of bold initiatives relating to tourism, horticulture, manufactured products and education.

"Added to that Northern Australia is in an ideal position to take advantage of new markets opening up in Asia, markets that will give Australia access to millions of people.

"Yet for some reason the Prime Minister has a preoccupation with the inefficient manufacturing sector of south-eastern Australia."

Senator Tambling urged Mr Hawke to cut the pious rhetoric and get on with developing the important resource-based economy of northern Australia, particularly in the area of mining.

"The Industry Statement will be remembered for its creative words, creative accounting and creative publicity. Unfortunately none of these will contribute to our nation's international competitiveness.

"In previous years the Prime Minister has brought in mini-budgets - this year he has attempted to camouflage his weaknesses with a publicity stunt. He should go back to the drawing board."

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