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Goods and services tax

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Senator Grant Tambling Shadow Minister for Regional Development, External Territories and Northern Australia


Northern Territory Senator Grant Tambling has accused Labor's Bob Collins and Warren Snowdon of scaremongering on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) issue.

"They have embarked on a deliberate and deceitful campaign to whip up hysteria in the community on a subject they know little about,'' Senator Tambling said.

"Their outrageous statements implying evils in the tax reform package pale into insignificance when Labor's record on its wages and tax policy is taken into account.''

Senator Tambling said Labor had done absolutely nothing to help the average tax paying family in the Territory since elected eight years ago.

"Even the income tax zone rebate for people living in northern Australia has not been adjusted since 1984,'' he said.

Senator Tambling said Labor's tax record is appalling and the reports of the Prime Minister's Country Task Force (1989, 1990) have been conveniently overlooked.

"Ordinary families who are struggling have been offered no help by the Hawke government and continued to be battered from pillar to post,'' he said.

Senator Tambling said the tax reform package will put extra cash in their pockets by, among other things, income tax cuts and a real choice about where they spend the extra dollars.

"Importantly, the Coalition's reforms will provide compensation for pensioners, the disabled and those living in remote and rural areas,'' he said.

"At the same time business activity will be stimulated - providing jobs and job security.''

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TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN Wednesday, Septem ber 18, 1991


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n e w s ;

Asian consulates may open for business here ASIAN consulates could be placed in Townsville and Cairns to spark more trade, Opposition spokes­ man on Northern Aust­ ralia Grant Tambling said yesterday.

Senator Tambling, who is visiting North Queens­ land this week, has also been assessing com­

munity feeling on the proposed consumption tax, which he claims would reduce costs for North Queensland con­ sumers. 1

Senator Tambling said Darwin already had an

Indonesian vice consul­ ate, which performed its function extremely well. He said there was a

need to invite Asians “onto our patch” to

promote trade and closer relations between the re­ gions. B u r e a u c r a t s in

southern offices could not perform as well as a

northern office, which would be on the spot where the trade action between the two regions was taking place.

Senator Tambling said he would be working

tow ards laying the

ground work for the

offices over the next few weeks.. He said he doubted the Federal Government would be opposed to the consulates, saying it was “just a matter of proto­ col”.

Senator Tambling said North Queenslanders were greeting the pro­ posed consumption tax with a range of emotions, from outright support to ' cynicism.

He said northerners were anxious for more

i nf or mat i on, which should be available by Christmas. ·

Senator Tambling said the tax would ensure lower transport costs, and the savings would be passed onto the com sumer. ;

“It would be of particu­ lar benefit to the north," he said. ,

However, the Minister responsible for Northern Australia Bob Collins has refuted Senator Tambl- ing’s claim.

He said a coalition can­ didate for a parliamen­

tary seat in the Northern T e r r i t o r y , A r t h u r

Palmer, had been briefed on the tax by the Co­

alition. Mr . P a l m e r t ol d

southern newspapers he had received the briefing “because the tax would have its biggest impact in

the NT, where all freight costs would be lifted by the tax”. . A spokesman from Mr

Collins’ office said the whole of north Australia would be the area worst affected by the tax.

Hayden admires ‘dynamic spirit’

By TONY RAGGATT AUSTRALIA'S Governor- General Bill Hayden yes­ terday applauded the “dynamic and progress-

E M M .Robin Rattray-Wood A taste of the best in amateur■ · · ■ . . r, ? . ' iLITTLE Theatre director Peter Murphy’s > pro­ duction iof A Taste of Honey is the best ama1 ··â–  teur drama I’ve seen, The d ire c tio n 'flo w e d ,1 beautifully, vyjtp te ll-' ing silences,· credible violence and poignant expressions of af fee- tion. .It is a frightening play for our times, offering neither’ hope nor· de­ spair for the family.This 1958 play is almost prophetic of the pres­ ent. In the -opening scenes, its naturalism was puzzling, until it became apparent that is wh a t Sh e l a g h Delaney wanted: the truth.Characters for the most part barely ‘get by’ and its picture of negligent motherhood is all too recognisable.The play asks the ques­ tion, what does a child inherit when it is born? Are we able to offer it