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Crean challenged to start with meat union in rural reforms

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MediaJDEPUTY LEADER, NA1IONAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA SHADOW MINISTER FOR PRIMARY INDUSTRYCREAN CHALLENGED TO START WITH MEAT ORION IN RURALĀ· REFORMSNew Primary Industries and Energy Minister, Simon Crean, has been challenged to deliver on his boast to Parliament that he can achieve for farmers what he previously gained for Unions.National Party Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister for Primary Industry, Bruce Lloyd, who earlier congratulated Mr Crean on his rapid promotion to Cabinet rather than joining the chorus of criticism, said Mr Crean could start with the meat industry."The test of Mr Crean's sincerity to work for Australia's farmers and rural people, will be his willingness and ability to use his influence with old union mates, to reduce the excessive costs, inefficiencies and lack of reliability they suffer because of union policies and practices."As a Victorian, Mr Crean should start with the alliance between the meat workers boss, Wallie Curran and the ALP left wing including Mrs Kirner, which has created turmoil in the local meat industry."Thousands of abattoir jobs have been lost to other States, processing costs are the highest in the Western world and resistance, verging on thuggery, in relation to improving work practices to allow meatworks to remain in business is commonplace."Mr Crean' s very first act to prove his credentials could be to encourage the removal of the futile picket line of AMIEU members and former employees from the meat works at Wodonga."He could then move on to the waterfront and the transport industry," Mr Lloyd said.end 9/6/91>H* CO00 For further information phone 0 6 2 /7 7 4 1 9 31