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A betrayal of the Australian people

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148/91 May 31, 1991


Australia now has a full-blooded political crisis to compound the worst economic crisis in 60 years.

Australia needs strong leadership but the Labor Party has nothing to offer but long term leadership instability and chronic policy paralysis.

We now have the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labor Party

swapping accusations of treachery - yet both remain at their posts.

The real act of treachery has been against the Australian people who are now shown to have been mere accessories to the squalid deals made by Labor power-brokers.

Both Hawke and Keating stand revealed as utterly untrustworthy.

The Australian people can hardly fail to be aghast at the

shambles now unfolding in Canberra.

Resolution of the economic crisis requires urgent resolution of the political crisis.

Yesterday, Cabinet again squibbed the Coronation Hill decision.

Today, the most important Premiers' Conference in decades has become a mere sideshow to the dissolution of the Government.

The Australian people deserve better than this. They deserve real leadership not phoney mateship; they deserve competence from their leaders not an obsession with ego and in-fighting.

In short, the Australian people deserve better than this Prime Minister and this Treasurer.

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