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A challenge to the PM-name fast track projects

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John Hewson Leader of the Opposition M e d i a R e l e a s e

233/91 20 September 19,91


If the Prime Minister is serious about "fast-tracking"

important job creating projects, he should stop the waffle and name the specific projects he wants to proceed.

Access Economics recently identified $9 billion worth of investment projects which are subject to environmental and Aboriginal constraints. Potential foreign exchange earnings from these projects total $3.2 billion or about 5% of current

exports of goods and services.

Potential job growth from these projects is massive.

Clearly, what Australian industry needs are clear and

unequivocal guidelines, more certainty about environmental and heritage guidelines and an absolute time limit on the

decision-making process.

The Government's habitual postponements and delays in

decision-making about these matters has done Australia an inordinate amount of harm.

If the Government is serious about jobs, it should


. allow the Coronation Hill gold mine to proceed;

. announce that it would scrap the "three mines" uranium


. call for tenders for the construction of the third runway at Sydney Airport.

. do what is necessary to ensure a pulp mill development

like that proposed previously for Wesley Vale.

These are not speculative projects. They are all urgently needed and wanted. They have all been studied to death, why not just get on with them, rather than make windy and

unconvincing announcements about future intentions?

I challenge the Prime Ministers if he is serious about

creating jobs, stop procrastinating, stop playing politics and let these, and other projects go ahead.

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