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Hawke's credibility with business community in tatters

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John Hewson Leader of the Opposition M e d i a R e l e a s e

234/91 22 September 1991


Statements issued today by major industry groups reveal the extent of business disillusionment with the Prime Minister in particular and his government in general.

Australia faces its most severe economic crisis in 60 years, yet the Prime Minister is incapable of providing any clear policy direction.

It is little wonder that organisations such as the Business Council of Australia, the Confederation'of Australian Industry and the Australian Mining Industry Council have decided that the only way to get the Prime Minister to lift his game is to go

public with their concerns.

Six months after the Prime Minister delivered his much vaunted Industry Statement the business community is still waiting to see details of the new depreciation arrangements announced in the Statement. The fact that the Prime Minister cannot get his act together on such a crucial policy issue speaks volumes about his total pre occupation with keeping Paul Keating at bay.

If the broadside on depreciation arrangements was not enough the Prime Minister has been told on the same day by the Business Council of Australia that the management of his Government's Ecologically Sustainable Development (BSD) process has been totally unsatisfactory.

The message from the BCA is clear: the business community has little or no confidence in the ESD process resolving the

development impasse that has been created by deals done by the Prime Minister and the green movement.

It has become evident over recent days that the Hawke Government has now moved into "panic mode" over economic policy.

The Prime Minister is desperate to find development projects for fast-tracking. Alan Griffiths said today in Mt Isa that the Government "... should be more determined in pushing through major national projects." John Button a few days ago bemoaned the

fact that particular projects had been needlessly delayed and that tax and development rules needed to be bent to allow

development to proceed.

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The real problem for the Prime Minister is that the business community sees the Hawke Government for what it is: full of hot air and empty rhetoric.

The Prime Minister has lost all credibility with the business community. They know he cannot deliver on the policies needed to secure economic recovery.