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Australia 2000 - a flying start

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Leader of the Opposition

5/91 4 January 1991


More than a quarter of a million Australians have already been contacted through the Liberals' AUSTRALIA 2000 program. The primary objective of AUSTRALIA 2000 is to give all Australians the opportunity to be actively involved in determining their

country's future. I am encouraged by the overwhelming response to the program which clearly indicates that many Australians have definitive views about the future of Australia and want to be heard.

I have personally written to thousands of Australians including industry, community and business leaders, and special interest groups, inviting them to tell me about their aspirations - in particular, what sort of country they would like Australia to be by the year 2000 and how best to achieve these objectives.

I am responding personally to every Australian who replies to my initial letter.

In total, the AUSTRALIA 2000 program which was launched in August 1990 has made contact with over 250,000 people across Australia through the involvement of my Parliamentary colleagues in an unprecedented community outreach program.

A preliminary analysis of the responses prepared by the

Director of the AUSTRALIA 2000 program, Mr David Connolly HP, reveals that 37 per cent of respondents gave economic issues as their major concern. Other priorities were immigration and multiculturalism (16 per cent), social security and welfare

(10 per cent), education (9 percent), environment (8 per cent) and health (7 per cent). while this is not a statistically accurate sample, it does indicate subjects of major concern to many Australians which must be addressed through the political




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During 1991 Australians will be encouraged through the

AUSTRALIA 2000 program to examine policy issues under the following themes:

- creating a more productive economy;

- building a better society;

- improving and protecting our environment;

- Australia and the world.

The program encourages community, school and interest group participation. At the conclusion of the program's first phase in mid-1991, the Liberal Party plans to publish a comprehensive report reflecting the expectations and concerns of the people who have participated in AUSTRALIA 2000. This material will be used as the basis for Phase Two of the program which will

include major policy conferences in all capital cities later in the year, attended by many of the Australians who have

responded to the AUSTRALIA 2000 initiative.

The Liberal Party is the first Party since Federation to have given Australians such an open opportunity to be actively involved in planning the future course of the nation.

Contact: David Connolly, MP Director, Australia 2000 Program

(02) 988 4122 (W) (02) 236 3165 (H)