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Brown again twists reform benefits

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5 ยท

DAVID Hawker : Federal M ember for Wannon Shadow Minister for Land Transport

M e d i a R e l e a s e

B rown A gain Twists Reform Benefits

In Parliament today, the Minister for Land Transport again promised more from the

establishment of the National Rail Freight Corporation (NRFC) than it can deliver.

He made the laughable claim that the NRFC will improve the operation of Tasrail.

Since the NRFC is supposed to take over the operation of rail freight between the [mainland] capital cities, is he proposing to run trains from Brisbane to Hobart??

As I have pointed out before, the NRFC will only cover 12 per cent of total rail freight. Although the NRFC is a positive step, the Minister is trying desperately to make it appear the answer to all of rail's problems, and to make it appear as if his Government

is doing something called micro reform.

There has been no talk of addressing the other 88 per cent of rail freight which loses

over $2 billion of taxpayer's dollars each year.

To try to make out that the NRFC will improve Tasrail is just another attempt by this desperate Minister and his desperate Government to appear to be doing something to

improve Australia's performance.

ends 5 March 1991

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