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Government desperate over motorcycles

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DAVID H awker : Federal Member for Wannon JJx A USTRA LIA ,,t- Shadow Minister for Land Transport

M e d i a R e l e a s e

G overnment D esperate Over Motorcycles

Yesterday in Parliament, the Minister for Land Transport showed just how desperate he is to assert his battered authority.

In answering a Dorothy Dix question on the Australian Design Rule which requires motorcycles to have their lights wired-on when running, -the Minister went from bad to worse. . .

Firstly, his logic that motorcyclists endorse the ADR because 7 out of 10 voluntarily ride with their lights on is fundamentally flawed. This could not be construed as support for compulsion.

Secondly, he thinks the Opposition should support his move because it should be bipartisan. Not once was I consulted on this matter. Not once was I shown any proof that this measure will have any significant effect. Even the NSW RTA cannot agree with the Minister.

The Opposition adopts a bipartisan approach if we feel it is justified. I have just not been presented with the evidence to prove that this measure will work.

I reiterate, the Coalition would seriously consider scrapping this rule. If there is no evidence to support its continued role when we get to Government, we would scrap it.

The Minister should have the courage of his convictions and say he would also scrap it, after proper monitoring, if it did not make any significant difference to motorcycle safety, and spend the money on sensible safety measures.

ends 13 March 1991

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