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Car theft - why no action?

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DAVID H a w k e r : Federal Member for Wannon Shadow Minister for Land Transport

M e d i a R e l e a s e


Australia has the highest level of motor vehicle theft in the world. Its incidence has grown alarmingly in the last few years, yet Labor refuses to act.

The Minister for Land Transport continues to procrastinate. By doing so, he increases the risk of each of us losing our car. It is better than even money that every one of us will have our car stolen sometime - especially if you live in Sydney's western suburbs.

Over 6 weeks ago, I asked some very important questions of the Minister on car theft and ways to alleviate it. Why the silence?? The questions were:

(1) How many vehicles were stolen in Australia, by State and Territory in (a) 1970, (b) 1980 and (c) 1990 or the latest year for which figures are available?

(2) How does the incidence of motor vehicle theft in Australia compare with that in (a) USA, (b) Great Britain, (c) Japan, (d) Canada and (e) New Zealand?

(3) In the scale of organised crime n Australian, is motor vehicle theft second only to the drug trade?

(4) What is the cost of motor vehicle theft to consumers, through (a) higher insurance premiums, (b) losses and (c) damage to personal property?

(5) Did the Minister officiate at the launch of the National Strategy to Reduce Car Theft in 1989?

(6) What action has the Government taken towards implementing the strategy since it was launched?

(7) What effect has this action had?

(8) Has the Government investigated using high technology labelling of major car body parts to discourage car theft? If so, (a) what is the nature of the investigation, (b) would the labelling cost $15 per vehicle and (c) will the labelling be introduced; if not, why not?

Needless to say, I have not received a reply as yet!

The Federal Minister has had 2 years to make a decision. What is his problem???

ends 30 June 1991

Contact: David Hawker (055) 72 1100 Janice Wykes (06) 277 4231 or (06) 288 3946