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Brown moves into fairyland

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DAVID H aw ker : Federal M ember for Wannoa Shadow Minister for Land Transport

M e d i a R e l e a s e


The Federal Coalition today blasted the Federal Government over its fairyland description of accountability of its new financial arrangements for road funding.

Coalition Land Transport spokesman David Hawker described the proposed handing over of motorists money to the States In untied grants without adequate accountability standards as fraught with danger.

Imagine the glee with which the financially irresponsible State Labor Government in Victoria will grab the money and waste it on its latest harebrained scheme. After all it was the same Government that, following deregulation of the financial system, sent the State Bank of Victoria broke after 140 years of rock solid performance, because of lack of adequate prudential controls.

Just as Labor governments failed to provide proper prudential supervision of State banks, It is possible that the same mistakes will be repeated with motorists fuel taxes.

What better evidence do we need that Labor in Victoria couldn’t care less about motorists than the 3c litre tax on petrol to pay for the Pyramid fiasco.

While the move to better define the responsibility of each level of Government for its own part of the road network is welcome, the Government has yet to spell out how State and Local Governments will actually be accountable.

Land Transport Minister, Bob Brown has to do better than just rely on bland reassurances and worthy ideals.

The question still remains how will 'all Governments be required to defend their road fund funding commitment* when motorists taxes will be given to State and Local Governments as untied grants.

Motorists have every reason to demand more than just bland statements. After all Labor has too often raised expectations only to see the long suffering motorists slugged again for general tax.

Since 1984, Commonwealth funds for roads have fallen by 30% In real terms while fuel taxes have risen by over 90%.

In last month's Budget the Federal Government cut road funding by $36 million or a further 3.3% despite an election promise not to cut It

September, 1991

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