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Australia has cultural mosaic to succeed in industry

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Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce


"One of Australia's greatest assets, the diversity of cultures in its workforce, will be the key to a vibrant and innovative Australian industry", the Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce, Ian McLachlan, said today.

Mr McLachlan was addressing an Australian Business Economists' luncheon in Adelaide, when he said that Australians must demand that this cultural mosaic of talent be unlocked by revolutionising the industrial relations system.

Mr McLachlan said th a t his recent factory visits both overseas and in Australia had convinced him it was only the man-made barriers in the workplace that stopped companies from using this pool of attributes and abilities. ยท

Japanese managers in the United States had told him that their operations in the USA may well outperform similar plants in Japan because of the mix of ideas and abilities from different cultures.

Mr McLachlan said th a t we have exactly the same mix of population here and we need to be absolutely certain that their skills and knowledge were utilised.

But until Australia had a sensible industrial relations system where managers and workers could work together to make improvements, w ithout outside interference, this was unlikely to happen.

"Comprehensive workplace involvement and thus attitudinal change would unleash the talent of our diverse community and give us the dynamic industrial base we so desperately need", Mr McLachlan said.

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