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A cruel joke for the unemployed a non-starter for industry

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Media Release

Ian McLachlan

Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce


The Prime Minister's meagre assortment of confused and desperate measures to create jobs merely reflects the decaying state of his Government, the Chairman of the Coalition's Structural Reform Group, Ian McLachlan, said today.

'His statement has simply cobbled together a motley collection of rhetoric and promises to appease the warring factions in his own party,' Mr McLachlan said.

'As a result, there is precious little which will bring about real job growth which is now so desperately needed,' he added.

'For almost one million Australians out of work, the statement is no more than a sick and callous joke.

'And there is absolutely nothing to help create a climate which will encourage industry investment and business confidence.

'If it is anything like the third runway at Sydney airport, the promised 45 day fast track approval procedure will be a farce - 45 days to get proposals into Cabinet but nine years to get them out.'

'Indeed, if today's effort is a guide to the Government's ability to solve our problems, business confidence will plummet.

Mr McLachlan said that the bringing forward of expenditure for restructuring in the textiles, clothing and footwear industry and the increase in funding for the DIFF scheme highlighted just how bereft the Government was of ideas and courage.

'At a time when industry is demanding fundamental taxation reform to remove taxes on business inputs, structural reforms to reduce costs of production and freedom to negotiate enterprise agreements, the Government's response is to throw a few million dollars at some very limited schemes,' he said.

'By delivering such a hollow and cynical statement, the Government has lost all credibility.

'The Coalition very soon will release proposals for comprehensive taxation reform complementing our structural reform package, confirming that only we have the policies, the vision and the courage to get Australia and one million Australians working again.'

14 November 1991

Contact: Ian McLachlan (06) 277 2039