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Business survey supports fightback package

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Media Release

Ian McLachlan

Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce


The results of the Australian Chamber of Manufactures survey showing support for the Coalition's FIGHTBACK! package showed clearly the policy direction industry would need from the Prime Minister's promised economic statement next year, the Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce, Ian McLachlan, said today.

"Overwhelmingly, companies regard the initiatives in the FIGHTBACK! package as those desperately needed to improve the tax system, improve the business environment, increase investment incentive and improve industry's ability to create jobs.

"The Victorian companies surveyed, covering broadly-based industries such as textiles, food, paper, printing, transport equipment and fabricated metal products, considered the initiatives in the package worthy of strong support.

"There is therefore no doubt about the common-sense solutions that are needed to deal with our desperate economy.

"Sadly however the Government continues to ignore our prescription which has the potential to create jobs and encourage investment, preferring instead to argue publicly about which desperate individual should continue to implement policies which have obviously failed.

"The Government must either implement our policies which have been identified as most likely to revitalise the economy, or call an election and allow a Coalition Government to do so.

"The ACM survey makes it clear that Australian business would respond positively to the Coalition initiatives and that, encouragingly, there is a way out of our current difficulties.

"There is a way. It is the will that is lacking," Mr McLachlan said.

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