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Christmas greetings

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Philip Ruddock MP Federal Member for Dundas Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

Electorate Parliament House

Tel: (02) 858 1011 Tel: (06) 277 4343 Fax: (02) 804 6739 Fax: (06) 277 2062

9 December 1991



"This year has certainly been a very difficult year for many of us, but it is important at Christmastime to put our lives and our circumstances back in a more positive perspective", Federal Member for Dundas, Philip Ruddock said.

"Many local residents are unemployed for the first time, due to gross mismanagement in recent years under the Hawke/Labor Government. Many people are worse off due to increasingly higher taxes and the inability to find adequate work. Many are, as a consequence, perhaps not able to enjoy fully the joy that the Christmas season usually brings."

"However, we must always remain hopeful of a brighter future for Australia and for the many who are not as fortunate as even ourselves. It is important to realise what a wealth of potential we have in this country, and the ways in which we can realise this potential for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our nation.

It is exciting to have before us, in the Federal Opposition, a vision for Australia. The "Fightback!" program - the Liberal/National Coalition's 'Christmas present' if you like to the nation offers us a new hope and a new future, based on realistic, achievable goals.

On this basis, I would like to wish each and every Dundas constituent a very joyous and peaceful Christmas and one filled with hope for the future. May God bless you as you spend time with your family and friends over this Christmas period".

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