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Extra $2 million for boat people

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Philip Ruddock MP ' t

Federal Member for Dundas Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

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The disclosure today that DILGEA had applied for, and received, an additional $1.5 million in funds from the advance to the Minister for Finance together with $500,000 of savings from its own budget, for running costs associated with illegal boat arrivals, must in part explain the Government's recent activity on the refugee front.

The provision of these funds comes on top of additional appropriations in March for the introduction of a new system for determining claims for refugee status and humanitarian stay in Australia amounting to $3.1 million, and a further $4.04 million associated with

initial screening and on-going care and custody of Cambodian nationals arriving in Australia.

The cost o f handling unprocessed border entrants (boat people) is exploding exponentially. It is now 18 months after the first arrivals landed and still there is no formal outcome of their status. Detention, at considerable cost to Australian taxpayers, appears to be the only weapon in the Government's armoury.

That is no deterrent to illegal arrivals as we are now seeing with the Vietnam ese in Hong Kong and the mass movement of the peoples of Europe.

The failure to act with courage and resolve to remove illegal entrants after prompt and proper consideration of any claims they have for protection, will generate an insurmountable backlog o f claims.

The prompt repatriation o f unprocessed border applicants to their home countries of China, Hong Kong and Cambodia will send a clear message to the international community that we will not tolerate this type of assault on our borders. Failure to do so means that it will only be a matter of time before larger boats and many more people attempt landing on our shores.

The $2 million supplementation for only a few months sustenance will still be only small in comparison to the huge cost Australia will incur if control of our borders is lost through a lack of application on the part of the Government.

(Attached is the application by DILGEA for funds from the advance to the Minister for Finance 1990-91.)

August 14 1991

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immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affaire 360 - ADMINISTRATIVE i - Running costa

This item provides for expenditure of an administrative nature.

Source of Available Funds 1988-89 1989-90 1990-91 $•000 S 1000 $ 1 οοδ

Appropriation Act No. l 122,390 137,465 157,139

Appropriation Act No. 3/4 8,338 4,029 8,013

Section 35, Audit Act 1901 to 1,838 2,945

Advence to the Minister for Finance - ■ - -

TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE 130,728 143,332 168,097

TOTAL EXPENDITURE 128,474 141,182 167,516

UNSPENT FUNDS 2,254 2,150 681

Amount required from AMF: $1,500,000

a m t category: Urgent and Unforeseen



Division: Sub-Division: Item :

Purpose of item:

Appropriation Bill No. 1 did not make provision for a number of government deeieione ( Attachment B refers) pertaining to illegal boat arrivals in the 1990/91 Budget context.

Application Ν ο ·.....\0 .......................

Data of Approval....All.L.rfhJ........

F.A.A. No....... /£*?.?,... Inotd Detail* ol Approval

"Issue. <4- rtiiUor.'W j o f 1 1, tfOC, 0 * 0 front A<*\F