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10.2% unemployment

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Philip Ruddock MP


Federal Member for Dundas Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

Electorate Tel: (02) 858 1011 Fax: (02) 804 6739

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14 October 1991



"Last weeks shocking unemployment and JSA/Newstart figures demonstrate the total failure of the Federal Labor Government's economic policies", Federal Member for Dundas, Philip Ruddock said today.

Newstart Allowance figures have risen by more than 10,000 in one month representing a 6.1% increase in the number of dole recipients unemployed for 12 months or. more.

"This figure is an appalling example of the way that Labor have failed Dundas constituents who ...are now unemployed with little prospect of jobs", Philip Ruddock continued.

The Labor Government was elected in 1983 with a . mandate to create jobs.; Unemployment is now 10.2% with no relief in sight. Labor has lost its interest and lost its mandate.

The Prime Minister's constant harping about 1.3 million new jobs having been created since 1983 is now hollow, tired and irrelevant. What he can claim credit for is the 872,100 Australians he has put out of work.

The answer to this national disaster is jobs - jobs that are created not simply because the Government decides to run a budget deficit, but jobs which will come through the reforms offered by the Coalition: tax reform, industrial relations

reform, reform of the micro-economy and welfare reform.