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Crean is wrong again! minister gaffes twice in one day

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T im Fischer mr Federal Member for Farrer

Leader of the National Party of Australia

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources

"Crean is Wrong A gain? "M inister Gaffes Twice in O ne D ay"

The Leader of the National Party, and Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy, Tim Fischer MP, refuted claims by the Minister for Primary Induustries and Energy, Simon Crean MP, that the Coalition's policy to

abolish the Coal Export Duty dates only from the GST package.

"If the Minister had read the Resources and Energy Policy which the Coalition took to the 1990 election, he would see it is spelled out in black and white."

"Following on from his misleading comments to the Australian Dairy Industry Council today, it is clear that Mr Crean is not on top of his portfolio."

"The Government's inept attempts to pick holes in the Fightback package, clearly show which side of politics is setting the agenda in Australia today."

(See other side for extract from 1990 Resources and Energy Policy)

ENDS 4 December 1991

For further information, phone Jim Groves on (06) 277 4225

Parliament House, Canberra, A.C.T. 2600. Telephone (06) 277 4058. Facsimile (06) 277 2052

Cash bidding

The cash bonus bidding system will be repealed and appropriate oil exploration programme bidding systems will be developed in consultation with industry.

Farm outs

Non-cash/work programme farm out agreements will be exempt from the speculative gains tax which is to replace the current capital gains tax.


We will maintain the present free market with respect to crude oil and work towards comprehensive industry deregulation in the refining and marketing sectors of the oil industry.

Prices Surveillance Authority

In the current highly competitive market, government setting of maximum wholesale prices forpetroleum products is unnecessary. Trade Practices legislation may be applied to deal with any malpractice. The

Prices Surveillance Authority will be abolished.

Platform removal

Platform removal is a major future cost to industry. In consultation with industry we will develop guidelines forthe type of platform removal required and provide appropriate tax deductibility which recognises the major cost to industry of removal.


In Australia most liquid petroleum gas (LPG) production occurs in association with the production of crude oil. In addition to its widespread and growing use in residential, commercial and industrial applications it is also in use as a liquid fuel in converted engines. We will encourage much greater use of LPG.

LPG for vehicles

We will, in consultation with industry, seek ways to increase the use of LPG in vehicles. The former Liberal and National government’s programme to convert Commonwealth and public authorities vehicles to LPG, where economic, will be revived. LPG will remain free of excise at the retail level and a sales tax moratorium, for a period of at least five years, will be applied to conversion kits.

LPG marketing

The Coalition will introduce a free market for LPG as soon as practicable. In government we will discontinue the practice of setting a wholesale price for LPG, taking into account the impact on many remote and country users.


Although Australia’s natural gas reserves are large, problems relating to their use include location remote from population centres and limited development of some technologies to facilitate use as a transport


Northwest shelf

The next Liberal and National government will promote and encourage the N orthwest shelf project, recognising its significance in Australia’s long-term

energy requirements and its potential as a major export industry.

Pipeline Authority

The Pipeline Authority will be sold at an appropriate price at such time as a suitable purchaser can be found.


We will promote the domestic use of natural gas and encourage the private sector to develop appropriate interstate grids to serve integrated markets. In general a Liberal/National government will not support government ownership of pipelines.

Gas for vehicles

As crude oil declines natural gas in compressed form (CNG), liquid form (LNG), or as methanol, can provide alternative transport fuels for many vehicles. We will take immediate steps to encourage

development of conversion technologies. Natural Gas (NGV) for vehicles will remain excise free for at least five (5) years.


Industry development

The Australian coal industry is a major contributor to domestic and foreign energy requirements. The Liberal and National Parties fully support its continued development in an environment free from excessive government interference.

Commonwealth role

The major role for the Commonwealth is to minimise unnecessary costs to industry, eliminate trade restrictions and ensure an industrial climate where negotiations between employers and employees, necessary to maintain productivity and delivery, are facilitated.

Coal Industry Tribunal

We will abolish the Coal Industry Tribunal. Industrial relations in the coal industry will be brought within the mainstream of industrial relations policy.

Export controls

Coal export controls which currently give the government the right to veto coal exports will be abolished.

Coal Marketing Authority

The Liberal and National Parties reject the concept of a Coal Marketing Authority and we will review the need forthe existing Australian Coal Marketing and Technology Council.

Coal export levy

The coal exprort levy, which now applies only to ■ h high quality coking coals from Queensland, will be abolished.

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