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In the 'real' world there is chronic underemployment

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T im Fischer mp Federal Member for Farrer

Leader of the National Party of Australia

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources


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Canberra's 5.6 percent unemployment rate versus the national average of 10.5 percent confirms the existence of the rich cocoon of Canberra, Federal Leader of the National Party said when speaking in Brisbane today.

Both Canberra and Cairns are in a cocoon by degrees, avoiding the worst of the recession at this time for vastly different reasons.

"In the case of Canberra, for largely the wrong reasons, there is the impact of the big bureaucracy, in the case of Cairns it is the economic dynamics conferred by the bounce back in the tourist industry in Cairns and far north Queensland.

"Paul Keating and some Treasury mandarins should apologise to the one million unemployed, better still, Paul Keating should join the ranks of the unemployed.

"For once I agree with three separate Labor Parliamentarians with their very accurate comments on Paul Keating, and I quote:

Rob Hulls, MP - 'Keating is unacceptable.1 (Financial Review")

Senator Margaret Reynolds - 'Y ou cannot give Keating away.’ (Courier Mail)

Senator Jim McKieman - 'T here are 900,700 reasons why Keating should not be Prime Minister.1 (The Australian!

Mr Fischer added that whilst it was understandable that the Press Gallery is in piranha mode at present, it should not lose sight of the fact that the big issue outside of Canberra is jobs, jobs and jobs and yesterdays unemployment figures were chilling to the bone for many people fighting for economic survival.

[Note] Mr Fischer will be available to the Media in front of Bjelke Petersen House at 12.15pm today.

Ends 13 December 1991

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