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An open letter to Bob Hawke and Paul Keating:-replace Kerin anyhow

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T im Fischer mp

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Federal Member for Farrer Leader of the National Party of Australia Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources




Dear Bob and Paul,

Please excuse my writing to you at this 11th hour in your


I am doing so as I understand that at the 10th hour on Monday 3 June 1991 you will find yourselves in a situation where at least one of you will have to re-allocate portfolios for the Ministry.

I am particularly concerned with the portfolio of Primary Industries as this sector is, like your careers, experiencing an absolute crisis which could see as much as a third of all

Australian farmers forced off the land.

I note that John Kerin's name is in the forefront of speculation for a new Ministerial portfolio.

I formally ask that he be removed from his present portfolio as he is no longer the farmer's friend, particularly with his 15 % wool tax thuggery and track record of destruction to our Primary Industries.

There is no doubt that he is eminently suited to any portfolio which supports the government's economic line which so far, has failed to deregulate the labour market thus wrecking Australian export Industries competitiveness, both agricultural and mining.

Over eight long years Mr Kerin has supported policies which have led to interest rates being too high for too long and an $A

exchange rate that has been too high thus eroding our export competitiveness sending the primary Industries into rapid decline.

This same man, who commentators say has had a 'tough portfolio', looked on while the Hawke/Keating duo refused to take those bold steps that would have reduced Primary Producer's costs and avoided what is happening today.

It was John Kerin who defended the government's tentative approach to waterfront reform, who allowed union's to make wage claims even when the rural industries clearly didn't have the capacity to pay and who sat unmoved as government charges and

interference reached new heights.

The question before you gentlemen is who should and must replace John Kerin in the Primary Industries Portfolio. On reflection it would seem the present Minister for Social Security is eminently qualified to deal with an industry which is fast approaching pauper status. However my first choice would be Senator Peter Walsh!



The problem however is that if John Kerin becomes the next

Treasurer, will we have the same economic line which he so

fearlessly supported for eight years of Labor government?

Many rural commentators will say if Kerin gets the job then it will be the long night of Kerin and his bureaucrats all over again. Just ask the wool industry what that's like as they face the 15% wool tax legislation!

Gentlemen, whoever wins tomorrow, I appeal to you to replace Minister Kerin in the Primary Industries Portfolio .

Yours sincerely,

(Signed Tim Fischer MP) 2 June 1991

For further information phone John Anderson on 06 2514612 or Mr Fischer overnight on 06 253 2318