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The budget and the bush

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T im Fischer mp Federal Member for Farrer

Leader of the National Party of Australia

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources


John Kerin will approach Tuesday's Budget announcement knowing that his credibility to rural Australia will be completely on the line.

Federal Leader of the National Party Tim Fischer said today Mr Kerin's former role as Primary Industries Minister will be put to the test.

"Rural and provincial Australia will be asking whether Minister Kerin did support Paul Keating's too high for too long interest rates, the recession we had to have and the head in the sand approach to the plight of rural families and their increasing difficulties in educating their children.

"Will Minister Kerin's Budget recognise the massive dislocation and hardship in country Australia, the bankruptcies in towns and provincial cities, the bank foreclosures, the forced sale of rural properties and the resulting deflated property values, the high rate of retrenchments and business closures and the tragic increase in suicides?

"Will this Treasurer ignore the bush and small business people, throwing out only a few welfare crumbs whilst saddling employers with a further cost burden in increased compulsory superannuation payments along with training levies etc?

"Many hard pressed people across Australia are telling me by fax, phone, letter and at meetings that they are very close to breaking point; for many it is two minutes to midnight!

"This week's Budget must deliver a sound and sensible policy including drastic cuts in government spending, responsible lower interest rates, tax reform and genuine micro economic reform including on the waterfront and in the transport sectors.

"In addition there must be relevant and responsible assistance for those in the bush who, through lack of income, are in deep trouble trying to educate their children.

Mr Fischer said instead of dipping further into the pockets of all Australians and especially employers, the Government must butt out and leave to one side their expensive and destructive superannuation pipe dreams.

ENDS 18 August 1991

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