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One in three youth jobless confirmed

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12 May 1991 sh a d o w minister for the arts, heritage, sport a n d youth affairs

KXONE IN THREE YOUTH JOBLESS CONFIRMEDThe one in three "real" youth jobless rate for Australia is confirmed in the April unemployment figures, despite Governmental attempts to hide it, and is certain to worsen, Liberal Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs, Senator Michael Baume, said today.Senator Baume said that the ABS Labour Force Figures also confirm that NSW, at 22.5% has by far the lowest official youth unemployment rate of all the States."The disastrous official under 2 0 's unemployment rate for Australia of 25.8%, or about one in four unable to find full time jobs, is far worse when the thousands of young people who have 'disappeared' from the workforce are added back in."The extent of the real youth jobless problem in Australia is revealed by the huge drop of 111,600 in the number of 15 - 19 year olds in full time jobs over the 12 months to April (or more than one in every four teenage jobs being wiped out)."But only 26,800 of these were added to the official unemployment figures, pushing the official full-time youth unemployment rate up from 16.2% to 25.8% (or 27% seasonally adjusted) over the last 12 months."Of the remaining 84,800, about 32,000 were accounted for by a lower 15 - 19 year old population and 8,700 getting part time jobs, leaving 48,600 'disappearing' out of the workforce through a mixture of statistical gimmickry and tax-payer funded governmental schemes."These 'disappearing' young people push the real 15 - 19 year old unemployment rate up to one in three, or 33.4% - the worst April level since the depression."In addition many of 15 - 19 year olds seeking full time work now have to make do with part time jobs with the result that almost half 15 - 19 year olds at work now only have part time jobs, compared with 60% who had full time jobs in April of last year."Even the official figures are disastrous with the full time unemployment rate of 25.8% being the worst April level since the depression, with the full time employment figure of 315,200 being the lowest for April for at least 20 years, with the 12 month to April fall in full time youth workers of 111,600 being the biggest annual fall recorded in the figures, and with the 27% seasonally adjusted youth unemployment rate being worse than inany month under the Fraser Government. ... .............. ..' COMMONWEALTHj PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARYI MIC AH329 KEIRA STREET, W O LLO NG O N G . N.S.W. 2500 (P.O. BOX 473. W O LLO N G O N G EAST 2520) 1..£Î—Α*Α&Α1 ΙΙ·PARLIAMENT HOUSE. CANBERRA. A.C.T 2600 FACSIMILE 06- 277 3614 TEL. 06-277 3610


"A combination of the Government's $300 million a year extension of Anstudy to secondary school students to get many of them out of dole queues and back into school and the statistical gimmick which now excludes from the definition 'unemployed' anyone who

works more than one hour a week for no pay (eg. on a family farm or on work experience) means that the huge level of hidden

unemployment is indicated by the massive job loss statistics adjusted for population change", Senator Baume said.

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