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More space industry development centres

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The establishment of another three Space Industry Development

Centres has been announced by the Minister for Industry,

Technology and Commerce, Senator John Button.

The three new Centres, two in Brisbane and one in Adelaide, have

been funded under the Commonwealth Government's Australian Space

Industry Development Strategy.

"These Centres reflect the high calibre space-related expertise

in industry and the research community," Senator Button said.

"They will give added impetus to the development of Australian-

designed equipment for satellites."

The new South Australian centre, a co-operative establishment

between the Universities of Adelaide, New South Wales and South

Australia, will be set up to provide a key strategic engineering

capability for companies developing products or systems for

space craft.

In Queensland, Griffith University and the University of

Queensland will set up a space industry centre in microwave

technology for the design and development of a wide range of

microwave flight hardware to be carried on future satellites.


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news release news release news release



The second Queensland centre, a centre for satellite navigation

technologies, will be set up by the Queensland University of

Technology to establish an Australian R&D capability in

satellite navigation systems.

"This Government can and will commit resources to pursue space

industry market opportunities such as those to be undertaken

within these centres," Senator Button said.

"The three Centres will be receiving Government funding for

approved research and product development projects for a maximum

of up to five years after their establishment".

The Australian Space Office will fund the Centres with an annual

allocation of $25 000 to each Centre to defray administration

expenses and costs of marketing and promoting the Centre; and up

to $500 000 each financial year to each Centre for specific

research and product development projects approved. Government

funding for any one R&D project would not exceed 50 per cent of

the project's life-time costs.

CANBERRA Contact: Allan Casey

(06) 276 1905 (W)

(06) 254 3460 (H)


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of SIDC program)

brief outline of each. SIDC, with




The Australian Space Office is part of the Commonwealth

Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce which reports

to the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce, on space

industry development policy and programs. The Office also

manages the operation of NASA tracking stations in Australia.

The Australian Space Office is responsible for space industry

development. Its aims are to:

. develop local industries and commercial activities which

■ are internationally competitive and based in space

technology, and

. create an innovative environment by encouraging greater

involvement of local industry in space research and

development activities.

The Australian Space Office has produced the Australian Space

Industry Development Strategy which aims to encourage and

assist Australian companies to establish themselves in the

international space market. The Strategy provides a framework

within which Australian industry can develop to its full

potential and become commercially viable world suppliers of

space-related goods and services.

Space Industry Development Centres Program

The SlDC Program is a $10 million government funded R&D

activity, introduced under the Infrastructure Development

Program of the Strategy, aimed at promoting space related R&D

in order to develop Australian products and services capable of

competing in international markets.

The Centres bring together the technical expertise and

commercial drive currently dispersed between industry,

universities and research bodies.

Two elements of fundamental importance to the SIDC concept are,

first, a high level of private sector commitment to the

establishment of the Centres including support through direct

funding and the application of company resources, and secondly

a focus on research and product development targeted at

identified market opportunities.



In Queensland: ·

. A space industry development centre, the Space Microwave Centre (SMC), in microwave technology being established at Griffith University to develop commercial microwave hardware for satellite systems and assist Australian firms

internationally in becoming competitive at major contract and subcontract level for the design and manufacture of microwave flight hardware.

The strategy of the centre is to develop commercial microwave hardware for satellite systems with Griffith University, the University of Queensland and the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics providing the strategic research

and MITEC Ltd the manufacturing and design support for market driven product development.

Contacts are;

- Mr Peter Cronk

Manager ·

Telephone No (07) 875 7111

- Prof Barry Harrison

Director Telephone No (07) 875 7111

. A space industry development centre for satellite navigation technologies being set up at the Queensland University of Technology to establish an Australian R&D capability in satellite navigation systems aimed at becoming an internationally recognised research centre for developing advanced systems for satellite navigation and positioning in a useable form for Australian organisations and the Australian citizen. x

The centre will be supported by skills, resources and facilities available from within a cdre group of participating organisations comprising the University of New South Wales, the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics, the Defence Science and Technology Organisation and Auspace Ltd.

Contact is;

- Prof Kurt Kubik . .

Director .

" Telephone No (07) 864 2626


In Adelaide:

A space industry development centre for space engineering, (the Space Engineering Centre of Australia), being set up at the University of Adelaide as an Australian and Pacific regional focus in Space Industry-related space engineering research and applications, capable of handling the most advanced space engineering research projects and translating outcomes into products and services.

The centre, a cooperative establishment between the Universities of Adelaide, South Australia and New South with the support of the South Australian Government Department of Industry, Trade and Technology, should

provide a key strategic R&D capability for companies developing products or systems in such fields as launch vehicles, satellites payloads and space craft launch and recovery infrastructure.

Contact is;

- Dr Graham Gurr

Business Manager Phone No (08) 343 3336