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Reports on petroleum industry released

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Three reports on the recommendations of the Special Caucus Committee of Inquiry into Aspects of the Australian Petroleum Industry were released today by the Minister for Industry, Technology and

Commerce, Senator John Button.

One report was prepared by the Trade Practices Commission (TPC) and another by the Prices Surveillance Authority (PSA). They were released with the agreement of the Acting Attorney-General,

Senator Michael Tate, and the Treasurer, Mr John Kerin, respectively.

The third report, dealing with those recommendations that do not involve pricing or - conditions of competition, was prepared by the Oil Industry Forum. The Forum, included associations and companies representing oil companies, service

station operators, distributors, independents and consumers, and was chaired by the Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce (DITAC).

Senator Button noted that the diverse membership of the forum had reached mutual conclusions on most of the recommendations referred to it.

"I welcome this outcome and particularly welcome the industry's move towards taking a greater collective responsibility for its own affairs," he said.

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The TPC and PSA reports deal primarily with those recommendations of the Committee that affect pricing and conditions of competition. The TPC and PSA received submissions from, and held meetings with, those elements of

the petroleum industry who wished to express views on those issues.

The Special Caucus Committee, chaired by Mr Keith Wright MP, made some 40 recommendations for changes in legislation and practice in the petroleum retailing, wholesaling and distribution industry in a report submitted to Labor Caucus

in April, 1991.

Senator Button said he and his colleagues would present the Government's response to the issues described in the three reports shortly.

Copies of the reports are obtainable from Peter Sammons, of DITAC, Ph: (06) 276 2266.

CANBERRA: Contacts: Mr Mike Roberts

Senator Button's Office (06) 277 7580

Mr Tim Garrard DITAC (06) 276 2330

Mr Simon Grose Treasurer's Office (06) 277 7340

Mr John Ellis

Attorney-General's Office (06) 277 7300