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South Australian wheat for Bangladesh

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South Australian wheat for Bangladesh

Australia will provide more than 30 000 tonnes of quality South Australian wheat worth nearly $5 million for a food aid shipment for World Food Programme projects in Bangladesh, the Minister for Trade and Overseas Development, Neal Blewett, announced today.

The wheat is being loaded at Port Lincoln, South Australia, between 22 and 24 February, 1991, for shipment to Chittagong, Bangladesh.

"Poverty among Bangladesh's 100 million people is widespread and increasing, with landless people , in particular women, among the most disadvantaged," Dr Blewett said. '

"Part of the wheat shipment will be used for the Vulnerable Groups Development project, which aims at enabling destitute women, in . particular heads of households, to become self sustaining through income generation, health and nutrition inputs."

"The second part of the wheat shipment will be used for the National Food Assisted Works Programme for Water and Land Development project," Dr Blewett said.

"Bangladesh has a food production deficit and increasing unemployment. Workers will be employed on a food for work basis to improve rural infrstructure such as rural roads, embankments and irrigation and drainage

canals which have been damaged by intense rain and floods."

The Government of Bangladesh considers both projects to be important instruments of its anti poverty programs.

Australian wheat as food aid is provided as part of the Australian development cooperation program, administered by the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB).



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