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QLD Labor pollies disappointed at federal arts snub

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Release The Honourable Con Sciacca MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Security,

Federal Member for Bowman

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Two Queensland Labor MPs have joined criticism of a Federal Government report which excludes the arts from post-compulsory education.

Member for Bowman and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Security Con Sciacca and Member for Brisbane Arch Bevis say the report, titled Young People's Participation in Post-Compulsory Education and Training (known as the Finn Report) is disappointing that an area as vibrant and important as arts was not reviewed.

The report had made highly important recommendations on the future operations of post-compulsory subjects but had ignored the arts.

Mr Sciacca and Mr Bevis recently hosted an Arts Summit in Brisbane to highlight the importance of the arts industry and see the omission in the report as damaging.

And their complaints, ironically made during National Arts Week (Oct 14 to Oct 18), have been echoed by one of Queensland's leading arts bodies, the Queensland Affiliation of Arts Educators.

"The Finn Report is important in ensuring all parts of the Australian education system after compulsory schooling adequately cover the needs of all those involved," Mr Sciacca said..

"This includes the needs of the students, the teachers and the community in general.

"The report set out to explore all forms of post-compulsory education topics, including those in specialised areas.

"Generally it did this very well, except it has left out the arts."

Mr Bevis said he was particularly disappointed by the omission. He was very interested in the results of the report because he was a teacher by trade and his wife is an artist. I COMMONW EALTH


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"Omitting the arts from discussions about substantial .changes to our education system demonstrates a lack of understanding about their true value," Mr Bevis said.

"Information obtained from the census and the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlight just how important the arts are to our economy.

"For example, employment in the arts in Australia increased by 21 per cent between 1981 and 1986, all up 200,000 people are employed as arts workers and cultural activities in Australia directly contribute nearly $8 billion to the economy.

"Given this, it is no wonder those involved in the arts are upset that they have been left out of the Finn Report."


15 October, 1991

Further informatuion:

Arch Bevis, (06) 277 4518

John Reynolds or Greg Rudd (Con Sciacca's office) (06) 277 4980.

Lorraine Dinsey (Queensland Affiliation of Arts Education) (07) 224 7857.

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