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Transcript of news conference, ALP Club, Klemzig

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JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, can you tell us about the problem with the plane this morning?

PM: Well it's a bit like, a little bit like some recent events. There was a little bit of the right wing dented and let us down a bit but the left wing came through unscathed and we came to ground very safely.

JOURNALISTs Woo it a aoriouo oituation?

PM: Well, serious enough for the pilot to have to take the plane straight back, It was remarkable to me Just what a very big dent in the wing a small bird made. I mean, it was a vary substantial dent and, you know, safety requirements i«e

JOURNALIST: You weren't concerned at any time then?

PM: No, no, no

JOURNALIST: Mr Hawke, the consumption tax, you said 15 per cent. Do you know something that the Opposition don't know?

PM: Well the sort of figures that have been talked about are of that order and if they are going to do the sorts of things that they want to do that's the figure they have been talking about. But of course the real answer to your

question is nobody knows for certain until they come clean with the Australian electorate and it’s about time they did.

JOURNALIST: Will you have a consumption tax if you're re-elected?

PM: Have you been living in the caves or something mate?

JOURNALIST; Well in 1985 you did try and introduce It -

PM: Come on, read your history mate.

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, the new Archbishop of Adelaide this morning said that the Government hadn't been doing


enough for the unemployed end for overseas aid. What would you say to that?

PM: Well I don't get into arguments with archbishops, you know that. It's a golden rule of politics I follow. Perhaps I could have a discussion with him sometime.

JOURNALIST: Mr Hawke, would you agree with Mr Dawkins that Cabinet Is weakened without Mr Keating there?

PM: I've got no comments to make on anything Mr Dawkins said.

JOURNALIST: Have you spoken to Mr Dawkins since the weekend?

PM: No. He's been in Perth and I've been in Sydney.

JOURNALIST: He says his comments have been misunderstood.

PM: I notice the explanations he seems to be giving. I'm very glad to see them.

JOURNALIST: Does he still have his place in the Cabinet?

PM: As far as I know. Has he resigned?

JOURNALIST· Could I ask you then about his proposition that conference last week really squibbed on some real issues like uranium, immigration and national land rights?

PM: No. I've got no public comments to make about what Mr Dawkins has said. I guess we'll have a yarn this week in Canberra. I've got no public comments to make about that:.

JOURNALIST: Do you plan to discipline him?

PM: You seem to have a bit of difficulty in hearing. I Stild I've got nn pnhllr rnmmente to make. Do you understand English?

JOURNALIST: Could I just put them to you as issues then rather than -PM: No, not really. No, I've said all I've got to say about that.