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Minister announces changes to the defence service homes (DSH) scheme

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Ben H umphreys m in is t e r for veterans' affairs

22 August 1991 45/91


Concurrent Loans For Defence Service Homes' Recipients

The Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Ben Humphreys, today announced that two or more persons, each eligible for a DSH home loan subsidy, will be allowed to use their separate entitlements jointly in respect of the same property.

The change will be subject to the usual conditions on which subsidised loans are provided.

Previously the DSH Act limited assistance to payment of subsidy on a loan of $25,000 - even if the home was to be owned by more than one eligible person.

Mr Humphreys said ..

"The change in policy will be of particular benefit to married couples who are/were both members of the Defence Force and who both qualify for DSH assistance. They will now be able to combine their separate entitlements to obtain a subsidised loan."

Mr Humphreys also went on to say ..

"I am pleased to announce this change now because it may help serving members who are eligible under the DSH scheme with the decision they have to make by 31 August 1991 on whether to revoke their entitlement in favour of the new Australian Defence Force Home Loan Assistance Scheme (ADFHLAS) recently introduced for those members who enlisted in the ADF after 14 May 1985."

Mr Humphreys also said that the new policy brings DSH into line with the provisions of the ADFHLAS scheme which has allowed concurrent assistance to one or more eligible persons since its inception earlier this year.

Any persons who feel that they may be affected by this decision should contact their Defence Housing Authority Local Housing Management Centre or their local Defence Service Homes Office.

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