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AUSTEL to chair Telecommunications Standards Commitee

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Kim C Beazley, MP 4,. AUSTRALIA V '

M l l M tF 1 5/91

23 January 1991


The Australian Telecommunications Authority, AUSTEL, is to succeed Telecom as Chair of a committee managing Australia's contribution to the setting of international technical standards in telecommunications. '

The Minister for Transport and Communications, Mr Kim Beazley, said today the new arrangement would give effect to Decision D41 of the Government's new telecommunications policy, announced in November 1990.

"The introduction of competition in the provision of telecommunications network facilities makes it even more important to have a clear separation of policy and regulatory functions from commercial and operational

functions of the carriers," Mr Beazley said.

"Decision D41 of the new policy provides that AUSTEL should, under my policy guidance, assume the prime responsibility for managing Australia's input to the setting of international technical standards for telecommunications."

The body to be chaired by AUSTEL, from 31 January 1991, is known as the Australian CCITT Committee (ACC). Membership is open to the whole Australian telecommunications industry. The ACC manages Australia's participation in the

International Telecommunications Union's CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee), which studies and makes recommendations on telecommunications standards.

Mr Beazley thanked Telecom for its "competent and effective discharge of the task" of chairing the ACC up until now.

"The high regard in which Australia's contribution to the work of the CCITT is held internationally reflects Telecom's constructive and dedicated leadership," the Minister, said.

Mr Beazley also announced the appointment of the former International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary- General, Mr Richard Butler, AM, as an Associate Member of AUSTEL. Mr Butler will provide advice on management of Australia’s participation in CCITT matters.

"Mr Butler’s long experience in the ITU makes him well guslified to assist AUSTEL in its assumption of this new responsibility," Mr Beazley said.

Media contacts: Minister's Office: Paddy Costanzo (06) 277 7200. Department: Graeme Barrow (06) 274 7856. AUSTEL: Dr Bob Horton (03) 828 7304