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Inquiry into international film and television co-productions

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'minister for transport and communications

The Australian Broadcasting Tribunal (ABT) will conduct an inquiry into the effects of co-production treaties on the Australian film and television industry.

In announcing the inquiry today, the Minister for Transport and Communications, Kim Beazley, said local content rules in commercial television regulations, as they affect co­ productions , may be too restrictive.

Australia's film and television industry may not be benefiting fully from film and television productions made under official international co-production treaties.

'I am aware of international and local industry concern about the treatment of these productions for the purposes of Australian content under the Tribunal's local content standard1, Mr Beazley said.

'Co-production treaties have already been signed with the United Kingdom and Canada and others are being negotiated with the Soviet Union, Germany and Italy.

'Such agreements are quickly becoming the international norm under which official co-productions are made.

'These treaties benefit Australia by opening up new markets for Australian films, by helping creative and technical exchange, and by increasing the output of high quality production through the sharing of equity investment', Mr Beazley said. "

’I have also directed the ABT to look at foreign productions, made in Australia with Australian participation, which may also have significant benefits for the Australian film and television industry1.

Kim C Beazley, M P



18 March 1991




The first will concentrate on restrictions in commercial television regulations that may be affecting benefits to the industry from these production — to be completed by 30 June 1991.

The second, to be completed by 30 September 1991, will report on ways to balance the need for an Australian complexion on commercial television with the Government's wish to develop a competitive and viable Australian film

and television production industry.

The inquiry will be held in two parts.

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