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Geraldton receives two commercial FM radio services

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Two commercial FM radio stations serving Geraldton, 400 km north of Perth, Western Australia, began broadcasting today.

One service, formerly AM station 6GE (now 6GGG on FM 96.5 MHz), has converted to the FM band. The new service is 6BAY (FM 98.1 MHz).

Welcoming the services, the Minister for Transport and Communications, Kim Beazley, said they were further evidence of the Government's commitment to extending commercial FM radio to people in regional Australia.

'The new station has increased radio services in Geraldton to four, three of them on FM’, Mr Beazley said.

The Australian Broadcasting Tribunal (ABT) offered Geraldton FM Pty Ltd (owners of the new station 6BAY) a licence to broadcast on 22 June 1990.

The owner of 6GE, Northern Broadcasters Ltd, was given the option to move to the FM band when the ABT offered a licence to Geraldton FM Pty Ltd, which they accepted.

'When a new FM licence is offered, the existing AM licensee is eligible to convert to FM', Mr Beazley said.

'Conversion of the AM service allows for more equal competition between the broadcasters'.

Both services are sharing facilities at the National Broadcasting Service (NBS) site at Moresby Range, 5 km north east of Geraldton.

They began operation from interim antennas on the NBS tower, pending the availability of upgraded antennas later this year.

Radio station 6GGG will continue broadcasting on its AM frequency of 1008 kHz for three weeks. After that it will broadcast a recorded message for one week, advising of the change to FM.

Kim C Beazley, M P

MUEASE 42/91 26 July 1991

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