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Dial "1" for telecommunications competition

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M L I M S i E


12 August 1991


Federal Government arrangements announced today will ensure that all Australian telecommunications customers will be able to access the new carrier competing with Telecom.

Mr Kim Beazley, Minister for Transport and Communications, said today that interim access measures would apply from January 1992 to June 1993 when permanent arrangements would take over.

Telephone callers wanting to use the services of the second carrier up until June 1993 will simply dial "1" to select this carrier instead of Telecom.

After dialling "1" callers then will dial the full national number, including the STD code, of the person or organisation they wish to contact. For example, customers wanting to call Sydney will dial "102" followed by the


The prefix "1" also will apply to international calls made through the second carrier.

As equipment is modernised, most customers wanting to use the second carrier after June 1993 will only have to notify that carrier of their choice. Arrangements will then be made for them to be automatically switched over at their

local Telecom exchange.

"They will continue to be able to access Telecom services through use of an over-ride number," Mr Beazley said.

He said the prefix code "0099" recently introduced by AUSSAT for callers wanting to use AUSSAT services in some parts of Sydney and between Australia and New Zealand would be retained until the holder of the second carrier licence decided otherwise.

"AUSTEL has been asked to ensure that implementation of the interim and permanent arrangements proceeds smoothly and will provide me with regular reports on progress," the Minister added.

Media contact: Minister's Office: Gary O'Neill, ph. 06 277 7200.

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