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Hill welcomes Australian Government sanctions on Yugoslavia

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M S E N A T O R RO BERT HILLL E A D E R O F T H E O P P O S IT IO N IN T H E S E N A T E S H A D O W M IN IS T E R F O R F O R E IG N A F F A IR SWednesday, November 13Canberra101/91HILT. WELCOMES AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SANCTIONS ON YUGOSLAVIAThe Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Robert Hill, today welcomed the Australian Government's announcement of sanctions on Yugoslavia, but said it had taken some time to match its words with action."The Opposition asked the Government in Question Time on Monday what decision it had made in relation to sanctions."The Government had apparently at that time made no decision on what sanctions it would apply and when they would take effect."But Senator Evans last Wednesday told the Senate that Australia stood ready to take part in any measures in line with the sanctions then being considered by the EC and the UN Security Council."The EC imposed sanctions last week, and it was closely followed by the US and Canada."The Government has finally announced its sanctions, and this is welcomed by the Opposition."But the Government took too long to match its words with action on sanctions."While it took a week to make a decision, Canada - whose trade with Yugoslavia is comparable to Australia's - moved shortly after the EC and imposed sanctions, effective immediately."Urgent and sustained action is necessary to pressure the parties in the conflict to observe the ceasefire and accept a settlement in line with the EC peace formula."While Australia dithered, the attacks by the Yugoslav Army continued unabated and thousands continued to suffer."The Australian Government must now monitor the effectiveness of its sanctions and be ready to upgrade its sanctions if necessary."Other sanction options still open to the Government include the withdrawal of all Austrade services in relation to Yugoslavia and the suspension of all assistance from Australia's Trade Commissioner in Belgrade."(ends)Enquiries $ Senator Hill or Mark Batistich on (06) 277 3170COMMONWEALTH* h r> V