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Government double standards on pollution control

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"The Federal Government has exposed the hollowness of its alleged support for tough pollution control standards by refusing to be bound by State pollution laws," the Shadow Minister for the Environment, Fred Chaney, said today.

"One of the first statements by Mrs Kelly after she became Minister for the Environment was that Australia must have the world's toughest anti-pollution laws," he said.

"But in Federal Parliament Mrs Kelly refused to support an Opposition move which would have forced the Commonwealth to . comply with State environmental laws.

"That action was necessary because an audit of all polluting, or potentially polluting, activities by Commonwealth departments and agencies revealed a number of incidents of concern to State authorities charged with pollution control.

"The Government pleaded for time to consider the Opposition initiative but it has now abandoned the legislation concerned and has lost the opportunity to put its tough talk into action,"

Mr Chaney was speaking at a seminar in Adelaide on the theme "What does the environment meant to you?"

He raised the Commonwealth's double standards over pollution control as an example of the importance of the Government giving a lead by its own actions.

"Broad environmental concerns need to be translated into actions at all levels - individual, corporate, and the three tiers of government," he said.

"What is needed is a top and bottom approach. The Government's own actions are vitally important. But much lies outside direct government control.

"Individual use of resources determine many final environmental outcomes.

"It is probably within the capacity of every individual Australian to halve his or her volume of rubbish disposal. Likewise, virtually every individual can affect energy consumption by more careful use of vehicles and electricity.

"In the same way, business has a responsibility to be energy efficient, frugal with resources and to ensure environmentally positive outcomes."

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