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World Environment Day

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FRED CHANEY MP MEDIA RELEASE Member for Pearce Shadow Minister for the Environment


One of the late John F Kennedy's most enduring messages to the American people was that they should ask not what their country could do for them but what they might do for their country.

Thirty years on, that message has great relevance for Australians tomorrow on World Environment Day.

Ultimately, the attitudes of individual Australians will have most impact on the quality of the environment we bequeath to our children.

We all have the opportunity to contribute - in the home, at work, at school and in our leisure time. That might mean taking a bit more time to sort the household rubbish to promote sensible recycling or conserving energy by not

unnecessarily using lighting.

For those living in non-metropolitan Australia it might mean becoming active in land conservation groups that are doing something practical about tackling our greatest environmental problem, land degradation and loss of soil and water quality, even in the face of the current severe economic crisis

afflicting rural areas.

Actions like this are the key to improving our environment and to promoting awareness of environmental problems in other parts of the world. As we approach a new century, Australia needs a lot more of this and a lot less of the blatant political opportunism that has stood in the way of our

achieving a proper balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

The Liberal and National Parties are pleased to endorse the theme for World Environment Day in Australia this year, "No Excuse, Let's Reduce". But this support does not imply agreement with the views of some extremists who equate environmental protection with reduced or negative economic

growth. The fact is that around the world the countries suffering from the greatest environmental degradation are those with weak or failing economies.

A strong and growing economy and a high level of environmental protection go hand in glove. Decisions taken in the name of the latter which unnecessarily impair our ability to achieve the former are not in Australia's long term interests.

4 June 1991 CANBERRA Contact: Keith Kessell 06 277 4760

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