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Chinese refunds completed

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The Australian Government today announced that a milestone had been reached in the program to refund fees paid by PRC nationals to Australian private educational institutions.

The Minister for Employment, Education and Training, John Dawkins said that except for a handful or more complex cases, all claims from students in the PRC that had been received by the end of April 1991 had now been processed.

He recalled that when he was in Beijing at the end of April this year, he gave an assurance that all claims then on hand would be processed by October 31 1991. At the end of April 10, 201 claims had been received.

Mr Dawkins said that to date about $58 million has been paid to claimants in China. Refund cheques will continue to be paid through the Australian Embassy in Beijing and the Consul-General in Shanghai until the end of 1991.

At present the Australian authorities are still processing about 1,500 further claims. These include claims received after the end of April 1991, new claims received since the extension of the eligibility period in September 1991, as well as claims from PRC citizens at present living outside the PRC.

About 700 very small claims are still being finalised for the balance between total fees paid by students and amounts previously refunded by institutions. All people who submitted these claims have recently received a letter from the Australian authorities asking for further information in order to determine whether some of these amounts may be able to be refunded. But students would be expected to meet nominal charges such as bank or agents fees. It is expected that all

these small claims will be finalised before the end of 1991.

October 29, 1991