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Coalition rejects government explanation of postal allowance rort

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The Liberal and National Parties do not accept the explanation given today in the Senate of the Government's arbitrary decision to increase House of Representatives postal allowances from $9,000 to $30,525.

Nothing contained in that explanation alters the fact that the Government is rorting the public purse to maximise its own political advantage.

We oppose the increase outright, not because it has been denied to Senators, although this is clearly part of the Government's campaign to denigrate and downgrade the role of the Senate.

We do not accept this matter should be determined by Ministerial

In government we will abolish it and allow the issue to be determined by the Remuneration Tribunal.

We understand that a submission for such an increase was made to, and rejected by, the Tribunal.

This allowance is not for the purpose of servicing the electorate. It is, as Senator Chaney has said, aimed at seducing the electorate. The real purpose is to enable the Labor Party to carry out an extensive direct mailing campaign at taxpayers' expense.

It is just one more step in Labor's attempt to rort the system by transferring to the taxpayers of Australia the cost of the Labor Party's re-election campaigns.

public funding of election campaigns;

proposal for free advertising time on commercial television and radio at the same time as is proposed the elimination of paid advertising;

Departmental advertising as per recent Social Security advertising; e

the blatantly political National Media Liaison Service (aNiMaLS). ' . ‘

29 August 1989 Contact;,1 Jim Hume (062) 77 3205


Other arms of that strategy include:

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