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Who pushed the Kodak deal?

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Who Pushed the Kodak Deal?

"Treasurer Keating and Industry Minister, Senator Button are trying to distance themselves from the Cabinet decision to bribe Kodak with $60 m of taxpayers' funds", Senator Austin Lewis said today.

"Treasurer Keating's arrogant comments yesterday indicated that he did not support the decision in Cabinet.

"Senator Button's comment yesterday that:

"I had a part in the decision. That's all".

suggests that he did not promote and does not fully endorse the decision.

"If not Treasurer Keating or Senator Button, who was responsible for promoting this decision in Cabinet?

"Remembering that the Kodak factory is in the Prime Minister's electorate of Wills, it appears that this decision must have been a panic decision by Mr Hawke.

"This action provides no comfort for the management and employees of Ansell and Gillette who have been forced to rationalise their Australian operations and cut jobs within the last 12 months.

"Nor does it provide any comfort for the many thousands of business people who are being crushed by the Hawke Governments' economic mismanagement."

"Labor is tired, confused and out of touch. Its economic credibility has collapsed.

There is an answer to our problems but it will not be at the expense of economic rationality.

The people of Australia need to: "Give Bob the boot."

22 September, 1989


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