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One month since pilots resigned

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September 21, 1989


"It is now one month since the pilots resigned from the airlines

and the consequences of few flights throughout Australia are

horrifying," said David Jull, Shadow Minister for Tourism,

Aviation and Sport, today.

"The cost to the tourist industry alone has now been estimated

towards $500 million and 15 000 jobs have already been los t .

"The total cost to the economy is almost impossible to fathom at

title e U y e because all these business people t i f f e n t a i l n r n

frantically trying to salvage their businesses," said Mr Jull.

"in order to try and collate information reliably, we have set

up a 'Pilots' dispute Hotline', for people to call and tell us

what Is happening to their companies. There is a designated

Liberal and National Member in each State who is part of this

team and they will be happy to help in any way. My office will

be handling the Queensland side of things,” he said.

PHONE: (07)343 8666 (Bne) OR (062)774631 (Cfcr) (07)343 758l(a/h) FAX NO: (07)343 9660

"Unfortunately there are business and their owners who would not

normally classify themselves as being tourist-related operators

nor dependent on a travelling public nor on efficient air

transport who are being drastically affected.

"Here are a few examples of businesses affected by the dispute*

* Western Australia* the wet-line fishing industry (fresh fish

industry) are losing about $60 000 a week from not being able to

transport their fish to the markets on the east coast;

- the private limousine industry in Perth

is losing $6 000 - $7 000 a week because they are getting no

business from the hotelc, vory little from the a i r p o r t s and they

have already put off several staff;

- the smaller "hire-ear” operators say it

has had a dramatic effect on their business - they are getting

no business from the airports (usually they have 6 - 7 cars a

week hired at the airports) and no business from the hotels

(usually several cars a day are hired on a contract basis with

the hotels) ,

* Tasmania* - Air-freight services out of Tasmania are running

at 50% capacity while fresh food producers are trying to charter

additional flights. Unfortunately these services are not good

enough because the services cannot guarantee that their produce

would reach the mainland in time for connect with international


- Business people in Queenstown (West Coast,

Tasmania) are meeting tonight to discuss the effects of the

dispute on them - fortunately there should be a bi-partisan

representation including business people, politicians and any

interested public who have suggestions on how to minimise the


- One operator says that on the West Coast they have

only suffered a 25% drop in trade, but expects this to increase

to 50 - 60% in the next fortnight as the holiday period hits.

* Victoria: - the VFL Finals are expected to be drastically

affected through a drop in spectator numbers - those who usually

fly to Melbourne will not be able to make it?

* Sydney: - the Rugby League Grand Final will be affected in

the same way as the Melbourne football games;

* Queensland: The Cairns area has already lost in excess of $20

million as a result of the dispute, the Gold Coast is losing $2.5

million a day, conventions are being cancelled at an alarming

rate and these figures will increase as time goes on.

"This disaster has to be solved now, otherwise this country of

ours faces economic chaos,1 1 said Mr Jull.


(W) OR 07) 343 7581 (A.H.)