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The university divided

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JULIAN BEALE, M.H.R. Federal Member for Deakin Shadow Minister for Education




"A great university like a great house must fall if it is divided amongst itself", the Shadow Minister for Education and Federal Member for Deakin, Julian Beale, said today.

Mr Beale was commenting on a letter from Professor John Williams, professor of bio-chemistry at the Australian National University, in Friday's Canberra Times.

"Professor Williams said that science staff at the Australian National University had not been given the opportunity to debate the amalgamation of the ANU and the Canberra College of Advanced Education.

"This is the second letter from a senior ANU academic in recent days protesting about the lack of debate and clear rationale for the Dawkins amalgamation scheme.

"Professor John Molony had earlier written to the Canberra Times saying that he had been unable to obtain any rationale for the amalgamation except the threat of funding cuts.

"Both letters confirmed the unrest amongst senior staff at the University and meant that Minister Dawkins must immediately halt the amalgamation process. Apparently the Dawkins view of ANU reconstructed does not suit those who work there."

Melbourne 45/89

26 March 1989

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