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Dawkins and Keating the danger men for Australia

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JULIAN BEALE, M.H.R. Federal Member for Deakin Shadow Minister for Education




Ministers Dawkins and Keating are the two most dangerous men in Australian public life today according to the Federal Member for Deakin and Shadow Minister for Education, Julian Beale.

"Both pretend to knowledge and experience they simply haven't got.

"Mr Keating's ill-informed monetary, tax and wage policies are now sending the economy over the precipice.

"Mr Dawkins' frenzied changes to education policy are threatening some of our most valuable institutions - our universities and research centres.

"Both of these Ministers are dominant in Cabinet against a basically weak Prime Minister.

"The Treasurer simply hasn't got the personal experience or learning in investment, business, or economic theory to start striking out on high-risk strategies which threaten the standard of living of a generation of Australians.

"Mr Dawkins' own poor academic record is a crazy preparation for an activist who wants to restructure radically Australian higher education.

"Mr Dawkins, whose previous limited ministerial experience was in overseas trade and youth affairs, simply lacks the stature to start telling our leading professors and research scholars how to conduct themselves.

"We now have world famous scholars, such as Professor John Passmore, declaring that they have yet to meet a reputable scientist or scholar who is not hostile to Dawkins' scheme for higher education.

"These two relatively inexperienced men are putting both the economy and the future of our education system at risk.

"It is time the Labor Party and the rest of the Ministry woke up to where they are taking both the Government and Australia."

23 April 1898 63/89

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