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Aboriginal affairs: new land councils

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MEDIA RELEASEWARWICK SMITH M.H.R. Federal M ember for B assSHADOW MINISTER FOR ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS14 December 1989Aboriginal Affairs: New Land CouncilsWarwick Smith, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, today in Darwin, came out in strong support for the establishment of a new land council in South East Arnhem Land.He said: 'As a future Aboriginal Affairs Minister, I would support the proposal to establish a new land council in south East Arnhem Land'.Mr Smith said he had met with the proponents of the new land council and was satisfied that on the information provided, as well as other information, including the Petition of 1,000 signatories to the Governor-General in support, and on the known contents of reports by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs indicating a majority of Aborigines are in favour of the new land council, there was no valid reason not to proceed to establish a new land council forthwith.Mr Smith said: 'On election to government as Minister I would move immediately to establish the new land council under the existing provision of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territorv) Act'.The Coalition's Aboriginal Affairs policy states:We will review the role and functions of the Aboriginal Land Councils to achieve land councils which are genuinely responsive to the views of the owners of the land. In particular, we will establish procedures by which smaller and more representative Land Council can be established.Contact: Launceston (003) 31 4322 (003) 44 8517COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY MICAH