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Minister questions Opposition

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Minister for Social Security · Brian Howe MP

BLH 30/89 27 APRIL 1989


The Minister for Social Security, Brian Howe, today

questioned the Opposition's commitment to the indexation of family payments announced by the Government in the

recent April Economic Statement.

"The Opposition has been using cosy images and warm words in an effort to style itself as the 'family' party", Mr Howe said.

"But when it comes down to real world policies that will provide tangible economic assistance and security to

families, the Opposition is nowhere to be seen."

"This Government is the first to introduce indexation of

any child payments. Its commitment to indexation of

family payments and rebates will ensure that all

families - not just the Opposition's favoured families - will see the real value of these important payments


"As Treasurer, Opposition Leader John Howard consistently

failed to improve payments to families."

"Given that track record, it is not difficult to believe that families would continue to get little more than words from a Howard Government."

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"Only the Hawke Government has demonstrated its commitment

to families by indexing family payments and rebates."

The Treasurer announced in the April Statement that Family

Allowance, Mother's/Guardian's Allowance, Child Disability

Allowance, Multiple Birth Payments and Double Orphan's

Pension would be indexed from January 1990 in line with

Consumer Price Index rises.

Family Allowance Supplement rates will also be adjusted

each January, if n ec es sary, to maintain their value.

The sole parent and dependent spouse rebates were also

increased and will be indexed annually.

Family Allowance rates will increase in July to $9.00 a

week for each of the first three children, and $12.00 a

week for each subsequent child. The Family Allowance

Supplement rate for children aged 13, 14 and 15 years will

increase by $3.10 a week to $34.10 a week.

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