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New study identifies non-tariff measures

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--: -----9 July 1989---------------------


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A new study of Australia's export trade has identified more than 1,500 Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) used by foreign countries to restrict the import of Australia's (and other nations') goods to their markets, the Minister for Trade Negotiations, Mr Michael Duffy, said today.

The wide range of barriers has been identified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in a booklet entitled "Non-Tariff Measures - Barriers to Australian Exports".

Mr Duffy said that the information would eventually be used by Australia's trade negotiators to negotiate greater market access for Australian goods and services in the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations which are scheduled to be completed by the end of 1990. -

"Initially, however, the booklet will be circulated to Australian industrial, agricultural and mineral exporters to seek to identify even more barriers that can be raised during the forthcoming negotiations."

Mr Duffy urged exporters to support the Government's efforts by studying the lists and informing the Department of NTMs not yet identified.

The booklet contains two lists - one for NTMs on agricultural and industrial products, and the other for barriers to Natural Resource-Based Products (NRBP). NTMs include quotas, "Voluntary" Restraint Agreements, subsidies, levies, embargoes,

licensing regulations and technical standards requirements.

Australia's objective in the Uruguay Round will be to achieve lasting liberalisation of NTMs across all sectors of trade.

Mr Duffy said that previous GATT rounds had made little progress in resolving this thorny area. But, Australia had already taken the lead by phasing out quantitative restrictions, licensing and embargoes by the mid 1990s.

"And we will be pressing our trading partners to reciprocate," Mr Duffy said.

Contact John Ellis (062) 777420 (w) or 886909 (h).

Copies of the booklet are available from the Department. Contact Jim Dollimore on (062) 613214.