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$59,600 for Kulkyne Way landcare project.

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Monday, 11 December 2006

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The Nationals Federal Member for Mallee, John Forrest MP, today welcomed $59,600 for a landcare project in Kulkyne under the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Mr Forrest said that the project to be implemented by the Kulkyne Way Landcare Group aims to confirm and demonstrate how a simple and cost effective tool (FullStop™ wetting front detector) can be used by growers to assess and manage the amount of water, nutrient, salt and/or pesticides being leached from the soil on their property. Leaching of nutrients, salt and pesticides in irrigated horticulture has long been considered a major issue in relation to contamination and health of the River Murray, surrounding wetlands and groundwater sources. Furthermore, leaching of water and nutrient has economic implications for growers.

“The project will be funded under the programme’s Natural Resource Innovation Grants, are primarily aimed at increasing on-farm profitability and boosting the sustainability of the region’s natural resource base,” Mr Forrest said

“As such, they should act as role models, encouraging similar actions in other industries and regions. “The National Landcare Programme is all about finding new ways of managing the long-term sustainability of our natural resources.

“And that’s vital given the devastating drought stalking much of the country.

Mr Forrest said he believes that the benefits of the projects will be far reaching.

“Hopefully it will provide a boost to local economy and encourage the sustainable use of our precious natural resources and help our farmers increase their profitability,” he said.

“And to help encourage others, each project must include a communications strategy, and each recipient is required to contribute to their cost, either in cash or in kind.

“Nationally, almost $3 million was invested in 36 projects to be undertaken by landcare groups, individuals and small businesses.”

John Forrest MP The Nationals Member for Mallee

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